Outpace Consignment Center opens 53,000-square foot storage facility in Irving, TX

Outpace Consignment Center
Open house attendees watch a demonstration, inside Outpace Consignment Center new 53,000 square foot facility in Irving, Texas.
Outpace Consignment Center
Jane Brown
By Jane Brown – , San Antonio Business Journal

Outpace Consignment Center, www.outpaceconsignmentcenter.com a renowned consignment company, is making a significant investment in Irving, TX, as it transitions from research and development to establishing a local facility. This facility will offer a new approach to Selling and Buying Items online, utilizing various popular marketplaces like eBay and Craigslist. The move to Irving represents an important step for them as it expands its operations and introduces innovative solutions to enhance the online selling and buying experience for customers. 

Outpace Consignment Center, originally based in California, has reached a significant milestone in its growth strategy with the opening of a new storage facility in Irving, TX. Covering an impressive 53,000 square feet, this facility marks an important milestone for them as it expands its operations and prepares for the next phase of its growth journey. Located in Irving, northwest of Dallas, the facility positions Outpace Consignment Center to better serve customers in the region and facilitate their consignment needs. This expansion showcases their commitment to providing top-notch services and meeting the increasing demand for their consignment offerings. 

Mike Connelly, Outpace Consignment Center senior director of strategy and business development, expressed the company's success in offering nationwide consignment services to both Sellers and Buyers. “This accomplishment has paved the way for our company to invest in expanding its chain of facilities to cater to a broader customer base. The new facility in Irving, TX, will play a crucial role in providing localized services and targeted Inspections in different cities across Texas and beyond. With this expansion, we aim to enhance our service offerings and meet the unique needs of customers in specific areas, further solidifying our position as a leading consignment company.” 

Outpace Consignment Center has established a diverse range of services, focusing on promoting sales across various marketplaces like eBay and Craigslist. A significant factor contributing to their success in the consignment industry is their competitively low-priced commission structure. This commission model has significantly enhanced the popularity of their services and has led to a steady increase in successful transactions year after year. With their customer-centric approach and attractive commission rates, they has been able to consistently improve their performance, experiencing growth rates of 30% to 40% annually. This continued success is a testament to their ability to meet customer demands and deliver value through their efficient and cost-effective consignment solutions. 

Outpace Consignment Center provides two additional core services to enhance the customer experience. The first is the "Motors Listing Service", which includes an objective assessment of the vehicle's fair market value, professional photography showcasing the vehicle inside and out, and the creation of a compelling eBay or Craigslist listing. A detailed description of the vehicle's features, attracting potential Buyers and maximizing the chances of a successful sale. Outpace Consignment Center also offers a valuable "10 Day Money Back Guarantee" service, ensuring that all vehicles or Items stored in their facilities and subsequently sold are supported by a professional and reliable company that prioritizes customer satisfaction. This guarantee provides peace of mind to both Buyers and Sellers, reinforcing the trust and confidence customers place in their services. By backing their Transactions with this Guarantee, they emphasizes their commitment to ensuring a secure and transparent Buying and Selling process for all parties involved. From expertly crafted listings to a reliable money-back guarantee, Outpace Consignment Center goes the extra mile to deliver exceptional service and instill confidence in every Transaction.

They provide an "Apraisal and Pick-Up" service, offering convenience by personally visiting customers' homes or offices to identify valuable Items for online selling. They meticulously research each Items's value and transport them safely to their storage facilities. Expert photography and compelling listings are then created to attract potential Buyers, simplifying the selling process for customers.

Outpace Consignment Center is your trusted expert in packing and shipping, regardless of the size of your Items. With their "Shipping & Packing" services, they ensures that your valuable, or large Items are securely packaged and transported. Their team are certified specialists with extensive expertise in Packing and Shipping. You can rely on them to handle your Items with the utmost care and professionalism, providing you with peace of mind throughout the shipping process.  

“Texas, being at the heart of the South Central region of the United States, presents a significant opportunity for Outpace Consignment Center. With millions of potential customers seeking a convenient way to sell their items without the burden of handling listings, shipping, and payment processing, Texas stands out as a lucrative market. Approximately fifteen percent of all Outpace Consignment Center transactions in the United States involve customers from Texas, indicating a strong demand for their services in the state. Recognizing the potential and attractiveness of the Texas market, Outpace Consignment Center has strategically focused its efforts on serving customers in the region. In an interview with the San Antonio Business Journal, Outpace Consignment Center representative Thompson expressed that not only does it make logical sense to target Texas due to its high volume of transactions, but it is also an appealing place to conduct business overall.

Outpace Consignment Center carefully evaluated multiple cities in Texas before selecting the ideal location to establish their storage facility.

According to Thompson, Outpace Consignment Center found cities like San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas to be highly attractive options for their operations. Irving, specifically in the Dallas area, stood out as the ideal location for Outpace Consignment Center, offering a perfect combination of favorable factors and opportunities.  

Thompson confirmed Outpace Consignment Center's plans to expand their presence by opening another facility in San Antonio. This future facility is expected to employ around 15 to 20 individuals, including operators, shift leaders, and trading assistants. This expansion highlights Outpace Consignment Center's commitment to further serving customers and meeting the growing demand for their services in the San Antonio area as well!!

Office Headquarters:
Outpace Consignment Center
353 Sacramento St,
San Francisco, CA 94111

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