Outpace Consignment Center concept expanding to Irving, Texas


San Francisco, CA based Outpace Consignment Center, www.outpaceconsignmentcenter.com a leading consignment company, has recently made an exciting announcement regarding its expansion plans. The company has signed a development agreement for a new facility in Irving, Texas, aimed at extending its nationwide chain of storage facilities/warehouses. This strategic move allows them to serve customers in Texas and neighboring regions who are looking to Buy or Sell a wide range of Items, from electronics to cars,trucks, RV or motorcycles. With a comprehensive suite of services, Outpace Consignment Center simplifies the online selling process by offering professional Item photography, accurate descriptions, online listings, customer inquiries, payment processing, and even shipping. This article delves into the details of Outpace Consignment Center business model and highlights the benefits it brings to both Sellers and Buyers in the consignment industry.

Facilitating Online Sales:
Outpace Consignment Center operates at the intersection of e-commerce and consignment, providing a unique platform for individuals who want to Sell their Items on popular online marketplaces such as eBay and Craigslist. Recognizing the convenience and efficiency of online transactions, they offer a hassle-free solution by acting as a middleman between Sellers and Buyers. Customers can drop off their Items at one of their nationwide storage facilities/warehouses, where professionals photograph the Items and create compelling descriptions. This helps to optimize online listings, attracting potential buyers and ensuring a smooth sales process.

Wide Range of Consignment Services:
One of the key advantages of choosing Outpace Consignment Center is the comprehensive suite of services it offers. In addition to photography and Item descriptions, the company manages inventory, responds to Buyer inquiries, handles payment processing, and even arranges shipment through drop shipping. This end-to-end approach significantly reduces the burden on Sellers, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their lives while Outpace Consignment Center takes care of the logistics. Furthermore, they operates on a commission basis, meaning that Sellers only pay a percentage of the Final Sale Price, ensuring a fair and transparent pricing structure.

Expanding Reach to Texas:
With the decision to open a new facility in Irving, Texas, Outpace Consignment Center is taking a significant step towards expanding its nationwide chain of storage facilities. Although specific details about the number of facilities were not available, it is evident that the company aims to establish a strong presence in Texas. The choice of Irving as a location for the new facility is strategic, given its proximity to major metropolitan areas like Dallas-Fort Worth. This move enables Outpace Consignment Center to tap into the thriving market of individuals who are seeking an effortless way to sell their belongings online.

Franchise Partnership:
The development agreement for the Irving facility involves a local businessman who has acquired the franchise rights. This individual brings extensive experience in the retail business, further ensuring the success and growth of company's operations in Texas. The combination of their proven business model and the entrepreneur's industry knowledge creates a synergy that is expected to resonate with customers in the region.

Outpace Consignment Center decision to open a new facility in Irving, Texas, marks an exciting chapter in the company's expansion journey. By extending its nationwide chain of storage facilities, the company aims to provide individuals in Texas and surrounding areas with a hassle-free solution for Selling their Items online. With a comprehensive suite of services and a strong emphasis on customer convenience, the consignment company simplifies the consignment process, making it accessible to a wider audience. As their reach continues to grow, it reinforces its position as a pioneer in the consignment industry, facilitating online sales and empowering individuals to make the most of their unwanted possessions.

The concept behind Outpace Consignment Center was introduced by Michael Thompson, president of the Outpace Consignment Center and co-founder of MBE franchise

James Day, president of DPR Investments Inc., owns a number of franchises throughout Texas. He opened the city's first used-car franchise on San Antonio's South Side a few years ago.

"Outpace Consignment Center has the best concept in the consignment category for cars, trucks or RV's," says James Day. "The founders are experienced marketers from MBE who built a great brand with Outpace Consignment Center. When you look at their approach to developing, it's clear that they are on a path to creating the dominant brand in other categories as well."

There are currently many Outpace Consignment Center storage facilities/warehouses operating across the country with plans for expanding by the end of 2014. Their main office headquarters is based in 353 Sacramento St, San Francisco, CA 94111.

You can find out more information on: www.outpaceconsignmentcenter.com

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